Health Tips by Tasneem Legohn, RD

Protein and Fiber

Fuel your day by starting out with some PROTEIN (egg, tofu, nut butter, protein powder) and FIBER (fruit, grains, veggies) to keep you full and energized. My go to is toast with almond butter and fruit. Eat Well, Live Well Pic:

Fruit and Veggies

In September we remember the importance of eating more fruit and veggies. By doing this we decrease our risk of chronic diseases like: heart disease, cancers, diabetes type 2, and obesity. Incorporate more fruit and veggies in your diet by: visiting your local farmer's market to checkout produce that are in season, choosing fruit/veggies over high calorie or empty calorie foods, having frozen fruit/veggies on hand. Eat Well, Live Well Pic:

Don't Miss Out On Your Zzz's

Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to weight gain, altered glucose metabolism, and it may also affect appetite regulation. A new study found that chronic lack of sleep increased inflammation, increased the absorption and storage of fat, and decreased levels of structural protein in the body. Sleep has a significant impact on our health! Learn more here: Eat Well, Live Well

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