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Green Smoothie for The Win!

Smoothies are a delicious way to feed your body nutrients. Whether you want to gain, loose, or maintain your weight, or if you follow a certain diet, smoothies can be customized to meet your needs. One of my favorite combos is: ◇ handful of greens ◇ 1 small frozen banana ◇ 8oz of dairy-free milk ◇ #plantbased #proteinpowder (my favorite is #orgain) Eat Well, Live Well.

Easy Immunity Tea (Bush Tea)

..: Easy Immunity Tea (bush tea) I love the flavors of ginger and tumeric, and I use it to make fresh tea almost every day. West indian/Caribbean people have used plants and herbs for years to make tea due to their healing potential- we call these types of teas "bush tea." It is more robust than any bagged tea, and very easy to make! It is versatile in that you can adjust the ingredients to your liking and add other ingredients as well (garlic, cloves, peppermint). Give it a try! Ingredients: ¤ Ginger root ¤ Tumeric root ¤ Lemon slice ¤ Cinnamon stick ¤ Bay leaf. ¤ Honey Directions: 1. Wash all ingredients. Slice ginger and tumeric root thinly and place in pot. Cut a slice of lemon and add t

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