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Did you know that avocados contain natural healthy fats, is a great source of fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin K and vitamin C? It is a perfect food from Mother Earth. Avocados are also great base for dips, dressings or even creamy vegan desserts. Eat Well, Live Well. PIC:

A Salad A Day

A salad a day may decrease your usual calorie consumption and also introduce more nutrients and fiber into your diet. Limited or avoid creamy milk based dressings to decrease calories from fat. Homemade dressings that are avocado (plant) based are a creamy alternative to milk based dressings- avocado is more nutritious as well. Check out my post on homemade salad dressings at the link below. ( Eat Well, Live Well Pic:

Back to School Nutrition

Here are some back to school meal planning tips that are useful for kids and adults: - Use an ice pack to keep food cold to prevent food-borne illness. - Use thermal containers to keep hot food hot. - Choose high fiber foods to help you stay full (whole grains, fruit and vegetables, bars). - pack adequate water or other fluids to stay hydrated. - Pack all or most of lunch the night before so there is less rush in the morning! Eat Well, Live Well Pic:

Salt + Sugar

Salt (sodium) and sugar (fructose, corn syrup), are two ingredients that are often added to foods, especially packaged foods. It is important for individuals with (or without) health conditions exacerbated by salt and/or sugar to read food labels and choose options with less because excess sugar is linked to type 2 diabetes, weight gain, and cavities and salt to high blood pressure. Salt: limit to 1500-2300mg daily Sugar: limit 6 teaspoon (25gm) for women 9 teaspoon (37gm) for men daily. Eat Well, Live Well Pic: pinterest

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