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Coffee Before Exercise

Have a cup of coffee before your workout to improve your endurance, focus and resistance training. Click the photo above for more information

Limited Packaged Food

For those of us with busy schedules, it can be tempting to pick up packaged foods (like seasoned rice/pastas/vegetables or frozen entrees) for a quick meal. But be cautious when purchasing packaged foods as they are often high in added salt, sugar, and or saturated fats. They may also contain questionable chemicals. My advice is to chose packaged foods with less ingredients that are wholesome. Or better yet, cook your food in bulk when you have the chance so that making a meal around your busy schedule is a breeze! Eat Well, Live Well.

Dairy-Free Yogurts

Dairy-free yogurts are a great alternative for those with milk/lactose intolerance or for those who want to limit animal products in their diet. Dairy-free yogurts (DFY) are made from nut milks like soy, almond, cashew or coconut milk. One downside to DFY is that the protein content is lower than regualr yogurt. The good news is that adding protein powder to your DFY or having a handful of nuts with your DFY can remedy the low protein issue. Eat Well, Live Well.

"Outdoor Food Safety"

Summer is the fun time of the year when we gather with family and friends to enjoy meals together at backyard get-togethers, parks, and the beach. It is important to keep these food safety tips in mind: 1. Be sure to have plenty of ice to keep cold foods cold (40 *F and below to be exact). 2. Avoid leaving food out for more than 2 hours to prevent the growth of bacteria. 3. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before handling food. 4. Use tongs, large spoons, and other utensils to handle food safely. 5. Keep food covered. Following these food safety tips will allow you and your guest to enjoy your meal without worrying over food becoming unsafe to eat. Eat Well, Live Well.

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