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Prebiotic and Your Health

Prebiotics are insoluble fibers that act as food for the bacteria in your gut. Probiotic supplements work in unison with prebiotics to help support a healthy digestive and immune system. Common prebiotics include: - chicory root (often found in high fiber cereals and snack bars). - Jerusalem artichoke - asparagus - banana - onion - garlic - leeks - dandelion Eat Well, Live Well

Food Safety During The Holidays

Baking sweet treats is common during the holidays, but it is important to refrain from eating uncooked doughs and batters to prevent exposure to harmful bacteria that can cause GI distress like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea- YUCK! Many people know that raw eggs should not be consumed due to the risk of salmonella poisoning, but raw flour can also carry the E.coli bacteria. So best practice if to avoid eating raw foods that are intended to be cooked so that your holidays stay happy and is not ruined by GI distress! Eat Well, Live Well

Ginger Season

During this time of year when it's cold and it seems like everyone around me is coughing and sneezing, my go to for immune support is adding fresh ginger in everything- my tea, my soup, my smoothies and my fresh juices. Ginger is a herb that is known for it's antioxidant, anti inflammatory and anti-nausea properties. I especially like seeping fresh slices of ginger in my tea in the AM to perk me up and get me energized for the day!

Quick Fall Fruit Salad

Persimmons, grapes, and clementines are fall season fruit that make a sweet and tangy combination that is great for snacking or for your holiday parties!

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