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Banana Bread Fever

Am I the only one making banana bread every week?? It's just a great snack to have around, it's soft enough for little ones to tolerate, and you can add just about anything to make it how you like it- mine must have walnuts! Healthier alternative tips: ▫️ Whole Wheat or Unbleached flour over Bleached White Flour (less processed) ▫️ Try a flaxseed egg vs regular eggs (less cholesterol) ▫️ Swap half of the oil in recipe for applesauce (lower calories) With love, Tasneem

Simple Vegan Meal

..: Simple Vegan Meal Mashed sweet potato Stewed black beans Avocado slices A great source of fiber and protein for the family to enjoy!

Hot Cereal

Rise and SHINE I can eat hot cereal everyday- it's filling and I can add a plethora of topping to make it extra tasty . Nutrition Highlights: ▫️Oatmeal: fiber, protein, iron. ▫️Walnuts: omega 3, protein. ▫️Banana : fiber, potassium (limit with kidney disease) ▫️Strawberry : Vitamin C and antioxidants. ▫️Hemp seeds: protein, healthy fats/omegas. What is your favorite hot cereal?

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