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Food Waste, Big Problem

Food waste is a big issue in America, and according to a study by researchers at the USDA's Agricultural Research Service, Americans throw out 150,000 tons of food each day (about one pound of food per person). The study also found that the majority of foods discarded are fruits and vegetables (followed by dairy products then meats).

Here are some tips to prevent food waste:

- Buy frozen items; they will last longer. You can also buy fresh foods and then freeze what is not used.

- Do NOT buy in bulk, unless you intend to use it timely.

- Make a soup, stew or stir fry with vegetables before they go bad.

- Place fruits and vegetable and other foods that spoil quickly in the front of the refrigerator so that they are visible and not forgotten.

Be a part of the solution to food waste!

Read more of the study by the USDA's Agricultural Research Service, the University of Vermont and the University of New Hampshire here

Eat Well, Live Well.

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