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Happy National Grapefruit Month

Happy National Grapefruit Month!

Grapefruits are packed with nutritional benefits! I know that it can be difficult to get past it's distinctive bitter taste, but one trick to cut the bitterness is to sprinkle salt on the grapefruit. This combination actually brings out a sweet taste.

Now to the health benefits!

Grapefruits are high in the antioxidant lycopene which is important in fighting free radicals. Aim for the dark pink and red grapefruits because it contains more lycopene. Grapefruits are also an excellent source of vitamin C; another immune system booting antioxidant! Half of one medium grapefruit actually provides over 60% of recommended daily vitamin C intake. Grapefruits also contains fiber and has a high water content to keep you full.

Enjoy the benefits of grapefruits this month by adding it to your smoothies or juices, salads, or use the juice in a marinade for meat or vegetables!

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