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Kick bad Habits In 2017

Consider these 17 habits to kick in 2017 in order to be productive, healthy, and successful.

(See full article by clicking photo).

A few habits to kick that stand out in the article:

- Kill your habit of comparing yourself to everyone- We are all on different paths regarding health, finances, career status and many other things. Determine your goals and stick to them while you positively look forward on your unique path.

- Kill your habit of complaining- If you are unhappy about your weight, diet habits, physical fitness, do something about it. Complaining is counter productive and gets us no where.

- Kill your habit of sitting- Get up and exercise, dance, cook, clean the house, anything! Burn calories by taking time away from the T.V., social media, and other seditive behaviors by getting up and being active.

- Kill your habit of creating excuses- excuse, after excuse, after excuse gets us nowhere. Thinking of signing up for a new gym? Do it! Don't blame time or money, instead rearrange other areas in your life to make room for other things that may enhance your life.

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