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Craving Junk Food?

Junk food (aka "empty calories" or foods high in saturated fats/added sugar/simple carbohydrates) can truly be addicting, and eating these foods can often lead to unwanted consequences like weight gain or diabetes.

Here are some healthier alternatives when craving those "empty calorie" foods:

Want something salty or savory?

Choose a handful of lightly salted nuts of your choice, cheese and vegetables, popcorn, lightly seasoned baked sweet potato fries, or a serving of baked chips or vegetable chips.

Want something sweet?

Choose dry or regular fruit, yogurt with fruit or granola, a fruit and vegetable smoothie, a few graham crackers and peanut butter, or dark chocolate (less fat and sugar than milk chocolate and it naturally contains antioxidants, look for brands that are >70% and not processed with alkali).

Snack smart, ya'll!

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