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Food Safety Tips

With Memorial Day soon approaching, the start of fun summer activities like BBQ'S and picnics is also in the near future. It is important to practice safe food handling in order to prevent food intoxication.

Here are some safe food handling tips:

- Keep your hands clean by washing then with soap and water frequently or by using hand sanitizer. - Keep raw food/meat away from ready to eat foods (salad, bread, potato salad) to prevent cross contamination. - Have plenty of clean utensils available to safely handle food (slotted spoons, tongs, large forks). - Keep cold foods cold held in a chilled cooler or over ice, and if it has been exposed to warm temperatures for more that 2 hours, throw it out since bacteria has been allowed to multiply. - Cover food to prevent flies and other bugs from contaminating food.

Now you can enjoy your outdoor meals with these food safety tips in mind!

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