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September Health Tips: Get back into the health of things

With summer winding down, some of you, like me, may be realizing that you had a bit too much fun relaxing on vacations and eating your summer favorites. It is time to get back into the rhythm of things with healthy behaviors. Start by limiting the amount of days you eat out and cook more meals at home. Often times when we eat out we do not know how much sodium, fat, or sugar is in our food, so by cooking at home, you will know exactly what is in the food you make! Eating at home helps your wallet as well!

Exercise break

For those who enjoy watching TV, do some exercise during the commercial breaks. Get in some abdominal work or squats to pass the time! You can get 10-20 minutes of exercise per show, depending on the length of the show and commercials. Be active whenever you have the chance!

Whole grain salads

Have you ever tried a whole grain salad? These “salads” are tasty, hearty, combinations of grains (like barley, quinoa, or bulgar) and vegetables. These are extremely versatile, simple to make, and easy to transport for lunch since salad dressing is not necessary! Whole grains are also a great source of fiber and protein to keep you satisfied.

Check out the many different whole grain salads recipes at

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