The Mission


Art Of Legohn, LLC is a multimedia arts and entertainment company that specializes in dance, music, visual arts and creative entertainment for stage, film, television, commercial and more! 


Home of the Art Of Legohn Dance Company, who performs a variety of dance styles that includes, West African, Dancehall,

Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Modern dance.

Our mission is to inspire the world through our art and performances in dance, music, and visual arts, both nationally and internationally.

The company was founded in 2010 by Artistic director, Choreographer, Professional dancer  Yaminah Legohn.


Art of Legohn,LLC has been featured at The Apollo, House Of Yes, Afropunk , BET's "F In Fabulous," Paper Magazine for Russell Elliot's "On You" Music Video, Brooklyn Musuem's Kehinde Wiley Experience, International African Arts Festival in NYC, Malaria No More Gala, Ladies Of Hip Hop Festival, RAW Artists (Los Angeles and New York City), Choreographer's Ball "Carnival" (Los Angeles and New York City) and our Visual Arts have been exhibited at Natural Blend, Trap x Art Gallery, 

Fiyah Productions Dancehall Theater, Daddy Greens Pizza in New York, RAW Artists Los Angeles and New York City.


We thank you and appreciate your support as we move forward to create more art for your eyes and music for your ears.


We thank you and appreciate your support in helping us move forward and being successful to create more art for your eyes

The Artistic Director

Yaminah Legohn

Passionate, dedicated, and hardworking is the least to say about Yaminah Legohn,  artistic director, choreographer, teacher, motivational speaker, professional dancer and performing artist of West African, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Jazz, contemporary and Modern dance styles.

Former Debutante and NAACP Speech Award winner.


She has appeared dancing at The Apollo with Black Coffee, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, choreographing on BET's "F In Fabulous"  for Savannah Lynx,  and one of the music videos she choreographed,  " I Remember," by Carl Thornton, has won an Akademia Award! 


Before moving to New York, Legohn spent time in her home- town Los Angeles, gaining experience in the Hollywood industry as a choreographer, teacher and professional dancer. She has worked with multiple artists such as Sean Paul, Shakira, Nick Cannon, N.E.R.D., Killa Mike, Nelly Furtado, Lil Wayne, B.o.B., Fizz & Boog, Mack 10, J Holiday, Tony Toni Toné and appeared on

Film/TV and commercials such as FAME, MTV's "Non Stop Summer" , Disney’s "Phineas & Ferb," and “So Random," BET's "The Mo'Nique Show" and Oxygen Channel's

"Hair Battle Spectacular 2." 


Yaminah’s electrifying choreography and performances have also been sought by some of the dance industry’s top ranking festivals and events, including World Of Dance , Choreographer's Ball "Carnival" in Hollywood and New York, SF International Hip Hop Festival, International African Arts Festival, FIYAH Productions Dancehall Theater, RAW Artists in Los Angeles and New York, Black Choreography Festival in San Francisco, and the Soul Nation Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia.

There is no doubt that Yaminah is a well-rounded and trained dancer. Having studied and trained in

Classical Ballet, Modern (Horton, Graham, Limón and Dunham techniques), West African and Hip Hop, Legohn’s versatility translates seamlessly in every performance and choreographed piece.

She has trained and studied at The Alvin Ailey School, Edge Performing Arts Center,  Lula Washington and The Alice Arts Center.

Adding to her dynamic repertoire, she embraced Dancehall growing up in the vibrant culture and often fuses the dance style in her choreography. “Dancehall has always been a part of my soul and has been a major influence in my artistic development.” 

In 2010, Legohn founded Art of Legohn, LLC a multimedia arts and entertainment company, that specializes in dance, music, visual arts. The dance division boasts a wide variety of dance styles, including West African, Dancehall, Hip-Hop and Modern dance.


In 2013, Legohn launched Afro Karibe®, a diaspora-inspired mix of cultural dances that include West African, Dancehall, Afro-House, Hip Hop and Samba.


Yaminah Legohn masters her choreography, teaching and performing arts projects by continuing to captivate audiences through her artistic performances and by building the dancer in her electrifying and energetic classes. Legohn has taught master classes and weekly classes in Hollywood,

San Francisco, and New York City. She loves to spread her knowledge of dance and enjoys helping her students become great dancers. 


Simply put, she lives to spread her love and passion for the arts.


Legohn holds a BA degree in Speech Communications & Dance with an emphasis in choreography from San Francisco State University.


The Team

It takes a village to make AOL happen 


Yaminah Legohn Founder, Artistic Director and choreographer


Fundi Legohn Music Director 


Alysia Christiani  Lead Marketer and designer

Yancy Greene  Choreographer and Company Stylist


Tasneem Legohn  Health and Nutrition  


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