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Art Of Legohn, LLC
Art Of Legohn
Art Of Legohn,LLC
Art Of Legohn, LLC
Art Of Legohn, LLC
Art Of Legohn, LLC
Art Of Legohn, LLC
Art Of Legohn Dance Company
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Welcome to our website!

How to Hustle Smart©

E courses and workshops

Red Light Special Live

Hosted by Yaminah Legohn

Co-Host Trena B Real

Co-Host Apollo Sa'Deek

Black and Queer

Hosted by Jon Jõni

Co host Yancy Greene

Health & Nutrition

Health Tips by Tasneem Legohn

 Our services in film, stage, commercial, music videos, events, and community engagements include

  • Productions/Events

  • Art Of Legohn  Dance Company

  • Community engagements

  • Artistic Direction

  • Choreographers


  • Artists for Hire (Dance, music, visual)

  • Art Show/ Art For Sale

  • Teaching Artists


  • Health and Nutrition

  • Business consulting for artists and small businesses  


Art Of Legohn, LLC

We are a multimedia arts and entertainment company that specializes in Dance, Music and Visual Arts based out of

New York and Los Angeles