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How to Hustle Smart
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Art Of Legohn, LLC
Art Of Legohn
Art Of Legohn,LLC
Art Of Legohn, LLC
Art Of Legohn, LLC
Art Of Legohn, LLC
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Welcome to our website!

How to Hustle Smart© x

New Women Space

5 Course Workshop

May 9th - June 13th

Red Light Special Live

Hosted by Yaminah Legohn

Co-Host Trena B Real

Co-Host Apollo Sa'Deek

 Our services in film, stage, commercial, music videos, events, and community engagements include

  • Productions/Events

  • Art Of Legohn  Dance Company

  • Community engagements

  • Artistic Direction

  • Choreographers


  • Artists for Hire (Dance, music, visual)

  • Art Show/ Art For Sale

  • Teaching Artists


  • Health and Nutrition

  • Business consulting for artists and small businesses  


Art Of Legohn, LLC

We are a multimedia arts and entertainment company that specializes in Dance, Music and Visual Arts based out of

New York and Los Angeles