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Mindful Buffet Tips

Buffets are tempting as there are many unlimited options in one place.

Though you CAN eat every item in a buffet, you really don't NEED to.

Here are some things to consider when buffet-ing:

- Take a Tour: look at all of the options available before you start stacking your plate with too many things that may go to waste. Decide what you really want.

- Small Portions: start with small portions, especially the high calorie foods.

Starting with small portions will give you a taste of different things and then you can decide what is worth going for seconds.

- Don't go Starved: this is self explanatory- you will be more likely to overeat.

- Make Compromises: if you decide to have soda as a beverage, consider fruit for dessert instead of ice cream or other high calorie/added sugar dessert. Or choose very small portions of each.

- Eat your Veggies- besides being good for you, they are low in calories but filling at the same time.

-Eat Slowly- this way your body can begin to feel full so that you don't go for a second plate that cannot be finished because you get full half way resulting in food waste.

We can still completely enjoy the buffet experience while following these mindful ideas.

Eat Well, Live Well

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